Selling Dei Medici items in your (web) shop?

Looking for an extension of your sales range? It could very well be that the Dei Medici products fit perfectly in your present range of activities. If so please let us know. Displays and pictures are made available free of charge.



Please inform us in brief of your sales items and we shall contact you as soon as possible.

Your company logo printed on Dei Medici products?

All Dei Medici products are particularly suitable to be provided of your company logo. Providing this logo is done through embossing. Our specialized staff will be eager to do this job. Please consult one of our expert-dealers to let you have his specialized opinion on the size and position of the required logo.


Introducing Dei Medici for promotional gifts?

A worldwide dealer network is at our disposal. If you are looking for a dealer in your area, we will be pleased to assist you. Please be assured of the unique nature of Dei Medici products. Please contact us for a dealer in your vicinity.